BlackOps Coin Flag
BlackOps Coin Flag

BlackOps Coin Flag

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  • Proudly supporting first responders and the US military

Our men and women in the Armed Forces all due incredible and brave things within their careers. All veterans will tell you that those who are the best of the best reside in the clandestine shadows of SPECOPS. This flag is blacked-out, with dark silver inlays in an ode to the midnight warriors within our military. It is almost to good and should remain a secret... almost. This flag comes in three sizes and cold anywhere from 20-300 coins. No size is too big... just ask us if you need something bigger. This makes a beautiful display for all of those coins that are stored in the attic. Display them with pride! 



XS: 9" x 18" (3 trays roughly 10-15 standard size coins) 

SM: 13” x 25” (3 trays roughly 25-30 standard size coins)

M: 19.5” x 36”(6 trays roughly holds 80-90 standard size coins)

LG: 32” x 60” (6 trays roughly holds 275 -300 standard size coins)



XS: $25

SM: $50

MED: $75

LG: $100

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